A computer based system for measurement of simple or multi-choice reaction time to visual stimuli on the screen  . The system consists of 4 contact switches connected by means of an USB interface to the computer and special software.

According to setup the system measures simpe reaction time or multichoice reaction time (up to 4 different stimuli) in miliseconds. Stimuli of different color (red, green, blue, yellow) or shape (circle, cross, square, triangel) can be assigned to the switches. Also background color as well as stimuli generation time (fixed or random within defined interval) can be specified in setup routine.

Analytical software calculates the reaction times a related parameters fro defined intervals.


Parameters obtained:

Reaction times to particular stimuli (correct or false)

– Mean reaction time to all stimuli (ms)

– Mean reaction time to specific stimuli

Example of digital report


–       assessment of simple and multi-choice reaction time in various population

–       sport specific exercise testing

–       evaluation of the training effect